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Clinical and Relaxation Therapeutic Massage expert. I focus on helping people that are experiencing Pain, Muscle Tension, Stress, Depression, Exhaustion, Anxiety or Fatigue.massage in charlotte

  • People who need stress and pain management caused by the regular wear and tear of life, such as poor posture at work, or lack of movement. This includes people such as Doctors, Dentists, Office workers, Drivers, and many others.
  • People wanting to release tension, anxiety or stress and want a chance to relax. Time to heal and enjoy life is essential for optimal health.
  • People who are healthy, yet hoping to maintain or improve their physical condition.
  • People that perform stressful physical activities or play performance sport, and experience aches, pains, and fatigue due to chronic overuse and injuries or tension. Some examples are Yoga practitioners, fitness experts, athletes, sport practitioners or professionals, golf players, etc.
  • Seniors that want to feel younger, more flexible and light, experience better physical condition, circulatory improvement, and bone density increase.
  • Anyone that wants to simply feel great!

A regular massage helps prevent injuries, as well as promote effective healing, even in cases of repetitive use injuries. Massage can lower blood pressure, help support your immune system, reduce nerve pain, and ease many digestive disorders. It combats headaches, insomnia, depression, fibromyalgia, and can improve concentration and productivity.

Massage can help you feel your best, so you can be your best. massage charlotte

With a detailed understanding of anatomy and more than 20 years of experience, I can help identify the source of your discomfort and treat it effectively. We will work together to create a strategy for helping you find the relief you are looking for. Massage Charlotte

“Relieve, Relax, Renew”

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Massage in Charlotte
Elan is by far the most talented massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. His knowledge of the body far surpasses anyone I know and I can’t say enough about his treatments. I am also a massage Read More...