Services and Rates

Your massage can be in my office, your home or your own office. My rates are $90 for office visits, and $125 for outcall treatments. I bring all the supplies necessary. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Treatments typically last between one to two hours.

An additional fee can be discussed for visits that are outside of the Charlotte or Matthews area.

Traditional massage that utilizes a soothing touch to help relax and renew the body.
Treatment of the connective tissues of the body. These treatments help people with chronic pain patterns.
This treatment is based on the flow of fluids in the nervous system, and how this rhythmic flow impacts the rest of the body.
This treatment is utilized to assist in relieving pain caused by structures deeper than the superficial layers of tissue. Often, this is used for treating postural concerns.
Massage for reduction of swelling, usually for sub-acute injuries, or post-operative swelling.
This refers to treatment of conditions that are clinical in nature, and usually in conjunction with a primary care physician. Treatments are focused rather than general and relaxing.
MET is a way of using a client’s own gentle muscle actions to pull joints into more appropriate and comfortable alignment. Usually done on the bones of the spine.
Treatment of conditions by focusing on nervous system receptors. This aims to either promote or inhibit contraction of muscle tissue in a given area, to bring the body to proper alignment and reduce discomfort.
The treatment of taught nodules of muscles, often referred to as ‘knots’ that are caused by chronic muscle spasm.
A group of treatment styles that are utilized to promote the effectiveness of an athlete.