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Beginner Massage Therapist Sequence

Massage Therapy Session Routine

Description: This is a general Swedish routine that may be used by a beginner therapist as a basic structure for treatment. This is in the context of a relaxation treatment.

Session Time: 60 Minutes

Important Notes: Be sure to have a massage instructor demonstrate the techniques used before trying this. Be aware of contraindications […]

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What Susan Salvo has to say about making it in the Massage industry!

An Interview with
By: Elan Schacter

“…Part of our challenge as a profession is to really think about the terms we use, how we describe what we do to each other, to our clients, and to our referral bases such as health care providers.” ― Susan SalvoSusan Salvo is the author of Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice and Mosby’s Pathology for […]

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Tendon Injuries

Part 1

In this blog we will review some of the causes, descriptions, and massage therapy treatments of pain caused by injury to tendons, or tendinopathy.

In this first part, we will discuss the general presentation of the injuries. Part 2 describes several common examples of tendinitis. Treatment consideration for massage therapists will be explained in part […]

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Massage for Pain

Much research has been done to assess the effectiveness of massage for treating many forms of pain. For a lot of the research, the results are proven to be fantastic, especially for those who receive a weekly treatment. In one Seattle based research study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 401 people suffering from […]

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Sports Massage & Grits

When applied appropriately, sports massage can help athletes achieve peak performance, as well as prevent the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) we all experience after a rough work out. When preparing for competitive athletic events, there are many avenues an athlete may take to achieve peak performance. When an athlete chooses massage as part […]

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Massage for Anxiety and Depression

A common reason for someone to visit a massage therapist is for help with feelings of stress. Now scientific evidence shows that beyond an ability to combat stress, massage can even combat anxiety and depression, and that the effects are cumulative, meaning getting massage regularly is more effective than a single visit. There was a […]

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