Susan Salvo talks about decisions: great ones and horrible ones

 An Interview with

Susan Salvo
By: Elan Schacter
“Today, massage is frequently sought out for pain management and for stress management. In the near future, I predict that massage will be used as an intervention for a host of nervous disorders and mental health issues.” – Susan Salvo

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Massage for Pain

Much research has been done to assess the effectiveness of massage for treating many forms of pain. For a lot of the research, the results are proven to be fantastic, especially for those who receive a weekly treatment. In one Seattle based research study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 401 people suffering from […]

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Massage for Anxiety and Depression

A common reason for someone to visit a massage therapist is for help with feelings of stress. Now scientific evidence shows that beyond an ability to combat stress, massage can even combat anxiety and depression, and that the effects are cumulative, meaning getting massage regularly is more effective than a single visit. There was a […]

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