Elan Schacter

Elan Schacter
Elan SchacterLMT

Education and Experience

My education includes:

2001 Р2004 West Coast College of Massage Therapy

This is likely the ultimate massage education available anywhere. The course is rigorous, clinical, and strictly evidence based. This three year program requires college credit for acceptance, and to be honest, was incredibly difficult. 25% of my class of 50 students failed out within the first two semesters. We studied the body in incredible detail. Within the first six months, I was able to identify any bone in the body, and if it was left or right. By the end of the three years, I had participated in externships for in-patient hospital wards for spinal cord injuries, hospice care for cranial traumas, women with at risk pregnancies, an elder care facility, and twice participated in an internship studying the effects of massage therapy for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

1994 Crystal Mountain Apprenticeship in the Healing Arts, Albuquerque, NM

Crystal Mountain is famous for its holistic approach to the healing arts. The philosophy learned was to see the body as multifaceted. We considered the emotional, social, spritual, and physical aspects of how we “feel.” We learned a humble, open minded approach to treating the vast array of reasons a person might visit a massage therapist. It is a kind, and open hearted approach.

1991 Р1992 California Healing Arts College, Santa Monica, California

A basic but fantastic foundation in Swedish style Massage Therapy

My experience includes:

Having practiced in award winning spas, as well as medical clinics.

Teaching massage therapy for both a career college and continuing education.

Writer and subject matter expert for the MBLEx, which is the board exam that most massage therapists take for licensure in the United States.

I have assisted in peer reviewing several textbooks, and my name can be found in five of the best textbooks for the massage field.

My philisophy is:

View every person as an individual with individual needs and wants from a massage. I will describe my treatment plan ideas with you, and let you decide if that works for you or not. At all times, the person receiving the treatment is free to request changes to the approach. Usually, this doesn’t happen though.

Why I do this:

It is all I know how to do. I have dedicated my life to helping bring people to a state of personal wellness, using only my hands and simple oils.

My personal interests:

Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and cute animal videos.

Thank you for reading.